Endorsement of Attorney David Groff for Workers’ Comp Claim!!

This attorney has represented my interest for many years in my workers’ comp claim. I have also utilized Mr. Groff’s services for other legal matters I have had arise in my life that were not workers’ comp related. I trust Mr. Groff in handling my claim, as he keeps me well informed and answers all questions I have for him and represented me well at a hearing we had to go to several months back over medical issues. He does respond to all phone calls although his practice is trial based and requires him to be in court and depositions quite a bit. I have also referred my friends and a few family members to utilize his services and they have all been pleased with the outcome of their cases.

– anonymous     

Profession, caring, top notch! Highly recommend

David helped clear me from false charges pressed against me. His professionalism and knowledge were top notch. He gave me advice that got the case resolved the quickest way which was not the most profitable way for a lawyer. I would recommend David to any friend or family member.

– Phillip     

Gem in a sea of so so people!

Mr Groff helped we to obtain custody of my children and protect them from harm. He always returned calls promptly, kept appointments on time and never made me wait, billed me fairly and kept me informed at all stages of the process. People this committed to their work are hard to find. He realized that I am not just another faceless client, but a real person with real needs. I would recommend Mr. Groff highly.

– anonymous     

Outstanding job for a fair price!

David worked hard to get me the money I was due. Before I hired him I got nothing but the run around. Within 2 weeks of hiring David my problems went away! Amazing what a knowledgeable lawyer can get done!

– Ricardo     

Recommended, and will recommend to others.

I received Mr. Groff’s name from a former coworker. After working with him I would definitely give his name out to anyone in need of a good lawyer. My case was handled in quick order and to my satisfaction. I was billed fairly and exactly as quoted. Many lawyers give you the impression that once you pay them that they don’t care about your case. Mr. Groff is NOT one of those lawyers.

– Steven     

Divorce expert

Thanks to expert work by David Groff I was able to retain my home and plane through my divorce. He was worth every penny!

– Pedro     

I picked him for his location. I am very lucky to have found him.

I found David B. Groff through a Google search for lawyers in my area. I picked him because of his close location to my home. Sometimes things do work out well. David B. Groff’s dedicated work got all charges dropped against me and has since filed to have the charged removed from my record. Best money I have spent on a lawyer in my 60 years.

– Lenard     

Collected big for me in a car wreck.

Mr. Groff was monumental in winning me a large settlement in car wreck. I was very impressed with him and his office. I was also greatly surprised when I was awarded additional money for my pet who was also injured in the car.

– Ronald     

Helped me with my divorce

He was very helpful in getting my divorce settled. I found him to be knowledgeable and trustworthy. I would give his name to friends and co-workers.

– Samual     

Prenup Expert.

On my third marriage I knew enough to get a prenuptial agreement before I tied the know. Two and a half years later that agreement saved my bottom. Thank you!!! Thank You!! Thank you!!

– Peekinglee     

Did the job well.

I needed criminal defense to get me out of false charges and he did the trick. In less than one month all charges were dropped. I could not have done it on my own. Thank you.

– George     

Got things moving!

I needed help getting social security disability payments. I tried on my own for 6 months and got no where. 45 days after hiring Mr. Groff checks arrived! I am very pleased.

– Martin     

Will & Estate Planning done well

I hired Mr. Groff for wills and estate planning for myself and my wife. The documents were completed in a timely fashion and for a fair price. I would recommend Mr. Groff.

– Daniel     

Was key in getting charges against me dropped

DG’s hard work was key to getting the district attorney to drop all charges against me and even got my arrest removed from the record.

– anonymous     

No hassle will and estate planning

I was referred to Mr. Groff by a fellow worker that had used his services. I had will draw up for myself and my wife. The process was simple, fairly priced, and easy. I would recommend Mr. Groff.

– John     

Divorce expert

I recently finished a divorce case and had Mr. Groff represent me. His professionalism and dedication is unmatched. My calls were promptly returned. The settlement was outstanding. I knew i had hired the right lawyer when my wife told the judge the hearing was unfair because my lawyer was much better than hers!

– anonymous     

Always helpful and timely

I hired Mr. Groff to review some contracts for my business. He is insightful and precise. I will use him again in the future as needed.

– Christopher     

Wills, Business contracts and more

I hired him to write my will and read over some business contracts. I was impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. I would recommend his firm.

– Bernie Wilkins     


I hired Davis to help with three traffic tickets I was issued. BY the time David was done at court my only check written was to him. Thanks!

– Pedro     

Traffic problems resolved.

My daughter was involved in traffic crash with a “self-insured” rental car company. After an exhausting five weeks trying to deal with their insurance adjuster I sought the services of Mr. Groff. Within days we received a full settlement for damages and had begun negotiations for rental car reimbursement. Without his expertise and knowledge I have no doubt this case would still be unsettled. I would refer Mr. Groff to anyone who needed skilled, expert, legal advice or representation.

– Bernard     

I got bit but the neighbor had to pay

After being injured my my neighbors exotic pet I was forced to seek money for my injuries. I was lucky enough to live right near the offices of David Groff. I got a free consultation and good advice. I hired David and in the end I was able to get all my medical bills paid and my neighbor was forced by the county to sell his hedgehogs. It was a total win for me. I would use David again if the need came up!

– JoeBob     

He fixed a bad situation.

Getting a 3rd DUI is not good. Finding a good lawyer was a must and i did. Groff’s rates were fair and the outcome was better than expected. Groff got the charges against me lowered. I am happy with the outcome and would use Groff again.

– Nikki     

Business forms and disclaimers

I was starting my own business and needed to have some legal forms custom made. I hired David and his staff to write the forms for me. I received a quote up front and the final product was delivered on time and as quoted. I was satisfied with the work and would use D. Groff again.

– Hernando     

Great work on negotiations

I hired D. Groff to complete negotiation with an insurance company that i had been trying to settle with for about 3 months. Within 6 months of hiring D. Groff I had a settlement. I believe the work done by D. Groff was exceptional and the price paid was very fair. I would use D. Groff again and would recommend him to others.

– fredrickr     

DUI gone!

I hired David to help with a DUI ticket my wife got. Thanks to his great work and the police’s poor work he was not only able to get us out of the ticket but got all charges dropped. This was a case where paying for expertise paid off. I would recommend Davis to all my friends.

– Billy     

If you want see what a good lawyers is, catch David in court.

You never rely know what you are getting when you hire a lawyer till in comes your time in court. As my case came up in court i was nervous, Mr. Groff not one bit. Seeing the look on the other lawyers face told the story so well. I won my case and in the end the judge asked the other lawyer if they would like to say anything after Mr. Groff was done. That look said my money was well spent!

– anonymous     

Tactically Gifted

David represented me in a rather complex case. Because of his preparatory work and organization of information a State Supreme Court Justice in Georgia could see the facts clearly. Although the case was heard over an extended period of time, we prevailed and were awarded a seven figure judgment on a contract matter largely because of David`s work and contributions. He is great.

– Vinny     

Leases and more

David B. Groff did an excellent job of drafting new leases for my company to use. I was in a time crunch and needed to find a lawyer who could get us new leases drawn up in just a week. David B. Groff delivered as promised. We will use David B. Groff again in future for any other legal needs.

– Marcus     

Legal documents done well at a fair price

I hired David B. Groff to write up wills and living trusts for myself and my husband. We met with him to discuss our needs and received the documents in just a few weeks. We thought the documents were well written and handled out needs. David B. Groff’s prices were in line with several other lawyers we have used and would definitely use his services again.

– sarahg     

Tough divorce made easier

Going through a divorce with kids is tough. Hiring David made the process more bearable. Mr. Groff fought to get me the best deal in a bad situation. I believe I am far better off after hiring him to represent me. He has a client for life.

– George     

Disabled but empowered

I hired David Groff to represent me in a disability case against my former employer. It took just under a year to get a settlement which was 6X what I was offered before I hired Mr. Groff. I was very happy with the outcome and all his hard work on my behalf.

– Bernard     

Auto Injury case

I needed to find a good lawyer after I was injured in an auto accident. After asking around with friends I posted on Facebook for referrals. Two of my friends posted that they had used David Groff and were happy. I contacted Mr. Groff and was pleased with his professionalism and expertise. After about 4 months a settlements was offered to me which far exceeded my expectations. Hiring Mr. Groff was a great move and I would use him again if needed.

– anonymous     


I used Mr. Groff for drafting of legal documents for my company. I have always received excellent service and call and always returned within 24 hours. We have used his service now for over five years and have never had any problems. I would definitely recommend David Groff.

– Bart     

Wills, living trusts, misc questions.

I used Groff to draw up some wills for myself and my wife. I was pleased with the service and was surprised to be offered additional services for free. I would use and recommend Groff again. All communications were returned quickly and the final document were ready in under a week.

– Dick     

Outstanding person, great lawyer.

I hired David B. Groff to help collect alimony from the father of my two children. I had hired two other lawyers in the past and the previous lawyers were unable to collect. It took David B. Groff only two months to not only find my husband but locate his new place of employment. Within 6 months of hiring David B. Groff I was recieved alimony checks from wage ganishments. Great work at a very fair price. I would recommend David B. Groff.

– Betty     

Snellville Diamond

I hired Mr. Groff to represent me in a divorce case. Overall I was pleased with his work and would recommend him. I found his billing to be fair, his opinions highly valid and the overall performance to be excellent.

– anonymous