How Does Workers’ Comp Work for Union Workers in Georgia?

When it comes to workers’ compensation for union employees, the process is handled almost the same as it is for non-union employees. The differences have to do with duties of the shop steward – not with the process.

If you get hurt at work as a union employee, the first thing you need to do is fill out an accident report. Even if you don’t require medical treatment, you need to do this. There could be witnesses or information that can be lost if you don’t document it,

Even though you’re not in need of medical treatment now, you may need it later on. This accident report will document your incident. Your shop steward will keep a copy of the accident report. He’ll also make sure it’s accurate. He won’t let your employer put information in there that can hurt you later on.

The next thing you need to do is get medical treatment. Get checked out by the doctor even if you don’t think you’re injured. You don’t want to find out days later that you’re hurt and have your employer deny your claim.

How Does Drug Testing Work in a Union Employee’s Workers’ Comp Claim?


When employees get hurt at work, their employer can make them take a drug test. This is so that they can tell if you were at fault for your injuries. Some claims can be denied if you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of your accident.

Most companies have a policy about this. It will say that prior to going off for medical treatment, you must submit to a drug test. For union employees, your shop steward will fight this.

Your shop steward will advise your employer that you won’t take a drug test until after you’ve seen a doctor. Your medical treatment is the most important thing. He won’t allow your employer to hold treatment hostage for a drug test.

Keep in mind, once your injuries have been treated, you may have to take a drug test. However, at least this way, you know you receive the medical care you need.

Your Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Albany, Georgia Will Make Sure Your Claim Is Handled Properly


Yes, it is important to have your shop steward assist you with your workers’ comp claim. However, you also need to have a workers’ comp lawyer in Albany by your side. He can reinforce the advice of your shop steward. He will also deal with the employer’s insurance company.

One thing you need to know as a union employee is not to accept sickness and accident pay in lieu of workers’ comp. These benefits are short term and can cause problems down the road. If you accept these payments, you may not be able to file for workers’ comp later. If your injuries last longer than expected, you may have no choice but to file a claim.

Your attorney will also make sure the insurance company approved your claim. Employers have a tendency of telling the insurance company to deny certain claims. If you or your union rep thinks this has happened, let your attorney know. He’ll reach out to the insurance adjuster and find out.

Your Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Albany Knows to Get Everything in Writing


Although it may sound like common sense, get everything in writing. You need to make sure all directives from your employer are put in writing. If your employer tells you to go on light duty, get it in writing. If he tells you to do some light exercise, get it in writing.

You never know what your employer will say down the road. The same goes for the company doctor. You can’t go back to work until you’re ready. The doctor may give you advice that actually makes your injuries worse.

If your injuries get worse, you need to stay out on workers’ comp longer. You’re entitled to medical treatment and benefits until you’re ready to return to work.

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If you get hurt at work, you need to contact a workers’ comp lawyer in Albany, Georgia. This is in addition to any advice you may get from your shop steward. Between the two of them, they’ll make sure your claim is handled properly.

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