Can I Be Fired for Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim in Georgia?

Every year, thousands of people get hurt on the job. You could hurt your back. You may end up being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. There’s really no end to the types of injuries you could suffer in a workplace accident.

People who get hurt at work are allowed to file a workers’ comp claim. Your Columbus workers’ comp lawyer can help you do this. The law in Georgia protects workers who get hurt on the job. Workers’ comp insurance provides you with medical treatment for your injuries. It also provides you with financial benefits while you’re waiting to return to work.

While you’re out of work, your company will have to find someone else to do your job. They don’t want you out of work any longer than necessary. This does not mean that they can just fire you for filing a workers’ comp claim. If this happens to you, then you really need to call a workers’ comp attorney in Georgia.

Your Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Columbus Can Help


It’s important to remember that your employer can fire you at any time. Nobody is entitled to a job. Most states are at-will states. This means that your employer can fire you at any time. They don’t even need a good reason. Of course, they’ll come up with a good reason. They’ll never say that it’s because you filed a workers’ comp claim. However, because Georgia is an at-will state, there’s not much you or your lawyer can do about it.

Most companies are smart enough to not fire employees while they’re out on workers’ comp. But this doesn’t mean it can’t happen. They may wait until you return to work to pull the trigger. This means you have to be on your fame once you go back. Your employer may come up with a reason to fire you within weeks of your return.

If you do get fired while out on workers’ comp or right after you return, you need a Columbus workers’ compensation lawyer. He can help decide if you’ve been wrongfully terminated. Just keep in mind, it’s very hard to win a wrongful termination suit.

Columbus Workers’ Comp Lawyers Know the Law


It’s better to do everything in your power to keep your job rather than worry about being fired. Don’t give your boss a reason to fire you. Follow these guidelines when you do return to work:

  • Strive for perfect attendance. Be on time and don’t call out.
  • Keep your head down and focus on your job. Don’t get involved in office politics or gossip. Stay in your lane.
  • Don’t violate any company policies or rules. If you need to consult the employee handbook, do it.
  • Don’t post about your job on social media. You have no idea who may be watching.

What you don’t want to do is slack on the job when you do return. Your employer will be watching to see if you’re working hard. If it appears that you’re still carrying a hangover from your time out of work, it could get you fired. Remember – someone was doing your job while you were out of work. Don’t give your employer a reason to have them replace you permanently.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Columbus, Georgia


If you’re worried about getting fired while out on workers’ comp, you need help. Call a workers’ compensation lawyer in Columbus, Georgia. You may just be paranoid. However, once your employer knows you have an attorney, they’ll think twice about firing you while you’re recovering from a work related injury.

Follow all the rules while you’re out of work. Do what the company doctor tells you to do. If you’re ordered to return to work on light duty, do it. You will start earning your full wages again. You’ll also show your employer that you’re serious about your job. If you find that it is too much, let your lawyer know. He will do what he can to protect your job while you’re waiting to get back to work.

Call and schedule your initial consultation right away. Your attorney will go over your case and see if you have a valid workers’ comp claim against your employer. If you do, he’ll file it on your behalf and try to settle it quickly.

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