What are Some of the Biggest Mistakes Made in a Workers’ Comp Case?

People get hurt at work all the time. For the most part, their medical care is covered by workers’ comp. They also receive replacement wages while they’re waiting to go back to work. As long as you follow your employer’s instructions, you should be okay.

It’s always a good idea to call a workers’ comp attorney in Columbus, Georgia as soon as your work injury takes place. There are so many things that can go wrong with your claim, you need someone by your side. An experienced attorney will know what to look for when it comes to you receiving the compensation you deserve.

A lot of people make simple mistakes in the days following their work accident. They may also make some big mistakes later in the process. These mistakes can mean the difference between receiving your workers’ comp benefits or receiving nothing.

If you have a workers’ compensation attorney in Columbus, he’ll make sure that you don’t make these mistakes. Now, there’s nothing he can about what happened before you retain him. You won’t have anyone whispering in your ear minutes after your work accident. This is why it’s important that you have a basic understanding of what you should do if you get hurt at work.

What Should You Do in the Minutes Following Your Accident?

None of us know when we’re going to get hurt at work. Nobody sends us a memo warning us when it’s going to happen. And, if your injuries are serious enough, you’re going to be a in a lot of pain immediately following your accident.

No matter how much pain you’re in, you need to make sure you do the following things:

  • Take note of any witnesses who saw your accident
  • Report your injury to your manager and Human Resources
  • Fill out an incident or accident form
  • If your injury was caused by a car accident, call the police so you’ll have a police report
  • Don’t refuse treatment
  • See a company approved doctor

If you follow these basic rules, you should be okay. But there’s no guarantee that your claim will be approved. This is why you want to have an experienced workers’ compensation attorney by your side.

Even if your claim is approved, you could still lose your benefits down the road. You can also jeopardize your settlement if you don’t handle your claim and medical treatment the right way.

You Don’t Want to Jeopardize Receiving Your Benefits

There are a few things you can do during the course of your workers’ comp claim that could cost you your benefits. Once your benefits are cut off, it’s very difficult to get them back. Your Columbus workers’ compensation attorney can do his best to reason with the insurance company. But he cannot force them to pay your benefits.

Here are some of the things you can do that will get your benefits terminated (or denied):

  • Waiting too long to report your accident to your employer
  • Refusing medical treatment
  • Not attending your doctor’s appointments as required
  • Getting treatment by someone other than a company approved doctor
  • Not keeping your employer updated about your case
  • Making your injuries worse by doing things your doctor tells you not to do

If you make any of these mistakes, you could end up having your benefits denied or terminated. Your lawyer can do his best to fix these issues. But there is only so much he can do. For example, if you refuse to go to physical therapy, you could lose your benefits.

What are Some of the General Mistakes You Can Make?

There are some mistakes you can make that will jeopardize your workers’ comp claim. These are the same mistakes that can destroy a plaintiff’s personal injury case. By making any of these mistakes, you can seriously jeopardize your workers’ comp case:

  • Posting about it on social media
  • Talking to too many people about your claim and say something you shouldn’t have
  • Working another job while collecting workers’ comp
  • Lying about how you got your injuries

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Everybody makes mistakes. This is why it’s crucial that you call a Columbus workers’ compensation attorney from the start. He can warn you about the pitfalls many plaintiffs make. He can also stay in touch with your employer on your behalf so that you don’t miss any important deadlines or requirements.

Call a Columbus workers’ compensation attorney today and schedule your initial consultation. It’s absolutely free and you pay nothing until you settle your case.

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