Workers’ Compensation for Eye Injuries

Work-Related Eye Injuries

We don’t really appreciate our vision. It’s not until you don’t have it that you realize how much you rely on it. Some work-related accidents cause eye injuries. Unlike most injuries, eye injuries are almost caused by accidents. It is rare that protracted work can cause eye injuries. Some of the most common work-related eye injuries include:

  • Equipment accidents
  • Chemical burns or fumes
  • Impalement or lacerations to the eye
  • Scratches 
  • A severe blow to the head

Of course, you could suffer an eye injury just going about your daily business. However, in order to qualify for workers comp, the injury must take place while on the job. Your workers comp lawyer can help you file your workers comp claim. You are entitled to receive medical care and benefits for the time you are out of work.

Types of Eye Injuries

Depending on the type of accident you’re involved in, you may suffer a variety of different eye injuries. Some are minor and heal themselves rather quickly. Others require surgery. Some may even cause partial or total blindness. Every case is different. Your workers comp lawyer will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. 

If you suffer a serious eye injury, you probably won’t be able to work, drive or even walk the dog. You’ll be in a lot of pain. You may become very frustrated. 

Some of the more common types of eye injuries include:

  • Scratched eyes – Also known as a corneal abrasion, this is usually caused by being poked in the eye or from rubbing it to rid it of a foreign body. This can be common in types of works that involve filaments or dust. 
  • Chemical burns – Any substance other than regular, clean water can cause a chemical burn.
  • Penetrating injuries – This is when something like a tool or hook actually penetrate your eye.
  • Swelling – This can happen from any number of causes. It can be from getting hit in the eye with any number of items.
  • Eye bleeding – In this type of injury, it will look worse than it really is. It can be nothing more than burst blood vessels. However, they can represent more serious injuries.
  • Traumatic iritis – This is an inflammation of the colored part of the eye.
  • Blowout fractures – These are caused by cracks and breaks in the face near or around the eye bones.

Contact a Workers Comp Lawyer in Columbus, Georgia

If you’ve been hurt at work, you need to contact a workers comp attorney in Columbus, Georgia. You will have to file a worker’s compensation claim for workers compensation in order to get the medical care you need. It will also provide you with weekly benefits until you are ready to return to work. 

You have to file your claim within a certain period of time. It’s important that you contact a lawyer right away.  Call today to schedule your initial consultation. It is free and it will give you a chance to ask any questions you may have.