Workers’ Compensation for Back Injury

Have You Suffered a Back Injury in Columbus?

Often times, work-related accidents cause back injuries. Whether you fall or hurt yourself lifting a box, you may suffer back strains and disc herniations. Back injuries are the most common type of injury related to a work-related accident. For this reason, most companies train their employees on how to properly lift heavy objects. This does not mean that all back injuries are preventable. Simple and repetitive tasks can also lead to serious back injuries.

If you’ve suffered a back injury at work, you are entitled to compensation. If your injury took place while you were on the clock, you are entitled to workers compensation benefits. You may qualify for disability insurance if you were injured outside of work, but are unable to work.

What Causes of Back Injuries?

There are lots of ways back injuries can happen. Some of the most common causes of back injuries in the workplace include:

  • Improper training – if you weren’t trained properly when you were hired, you may not know how to properly complete your job without risking injury. Many back injuries occur because an employee is not properly trained.
  • Improper lifting technique – Some employees simply don’t follow proper technique for lifting objects or they ignore the techniques they have learned. 
  • Miscalculation of risk – Some tasks look simple, but prove to be challenging. A worker could underestimate the weight of a box, for example, and end up injuring their back.
  • Frustration and rushing – Sometimes, people just want to get the job done and done quickly. This can cause them to work in a manner they wouldn’t normally work. They may be injured doing something that they normally could do without trouble.

Of course, every case is unique. Talk to your workers comp attorney about how you were injured. 

There are Different Types of Back Injuries

Back injuries are the basis for many workers comp claims. There are different types of back injuries. They vary in severity and duration. However, most require surgery and physical therapy and can be debilitating for quite some time.

Here are some of the common types of back injuries:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Lower back sprain
  • Lumbar and lower back pain
  • Nerve damage
  • Spinal stenosis

Back injuries are very painful and can leave you laid up for months. It’s hard to drive and walk. Working is almost impossible. 

Contact a Workers Comp Lawyer in Columbus

If you have suffered a back injury at work, you need to contact a Columbus back-injury lawyer. You need to focus on your physical recovery. Your health has to be your top priority. Let an experienced workers compensation attorney deal with your claims for benefits.

Your workers comp attorney knows how to navigate the court system. They have dealt with insurance companies for years and know how they operate. They’ll work hard to make sure you receive the benefits you deserve. They will also do their best to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. Call to schedule your free consultation today.