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Losing a loved one is both emotionally painful and a logistical nightmare. If you’ve been appointed executor, the weight of your upcoming duties can compound your current grief and anxiety. Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone; David B. Groff, P.C. will be your trusted guide through the complications of the probate process. We’re eager to reduce the burden of probate so you can focus less on legal concerns and more on happy memories of your loved one.

What Is Probate?

A court-supervised process, probate involves the authentication of a deceased individual’s will. During probate, an appointed executor accounts for all property, pays off remaining debts, and divides the estate among approved beneficiaries.

The Probate Process

In Georgia, as in other states, the probate process varies significantly depending on whether the decedent held a valid will at the time of death. With probate cases involving existing wills or trusts, executors typically follow the document’s instructions closely. In select situations, the estate holder can make arrangements to bypass the probate process. To qualify, a written plan for disbursing assets must be drafted and filed with the probate court. If the individual died without completing a valid will, courts divide remaining property according to local laws. However, heirs can avoid probate if they agree to a method of splitting of debts and assets — and if creditors don’t object.

Probate begins either with a selected executor requesting formal appointment from the court, or the appointment of an administrator if no executor has been named. This person promises to act in the estate’s best interests. He or she is responsible for taking inventory of the decedent’s property and debts, appraising or selling assets (if necessary), paying valid debts, paying necessary taxes, and disbursing remaining assets according to the will.

Why You Need a Skilled Probate Attorney on Your Side

Unlike the dealings of a personal injury lawyer, probate has a whole different set of rules. As you tackle the difficulties of probate, it behooves you to seek experienced, high-quality legal services. The ideal probate attorney is kindhearted and equipped with the knowledge, understanding and the desire to help those in need. Your attorney can reduce the stress of probate, while also handling issues with creditors and minimizing the potential for disputes among beneficiaries.

As an estate executor or beneficiary, you may benefit most from working with David B. Groff, P.C. We offer patient and compassionate guidance throughout the probate process. Get in touch at your earliest convenience to learn more about our probate services.