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Personal Injury Lawyer David B. Groff, P.C. Offers Zealous Representation

Negligence ruins the lives of far too many Gwinnett County residents, leaving them to suffer both physically and emotionally in years and decades to come. A personal injury lawsuit might not reverse the problem, but it can at least address financial concerns and the victim’s need for justice.

At David B. Groff, P.C., we provide experienced, high-quality legal service. We take pride in helping clients obtain compensation for the suffering they have experienced due to the negligence of others.

The Personal Injury Process in Georgia

Georgia maintains a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits. We’re well aware of the statute of limitations, and we keep our cases moving accordingly. We encourage you to get in touch as soon as you suspect that you have a viable personal injury case. If you were involved in  a car accident we’ll have a car accident lawyer meet with you. Simply let us know the type of accident and you can speak with a personal injury lawyer experienced with your type of accident. This will help him to learn more about your situation and determine the next best steps.

If we choose to proceed with your case, you can expect detail-oriented service every step of the way. We’ll file necessary paperwork on your behalf and commence with the discovery process, during which we gather essential evidence. Depending on the nature of your case, we may take a closer look at police reports, examine medical records, or conduct depositions. Seemingly small details can make a huge difference in personal injury cases, so we conduct exhaustive research.

Many personal injury lawsuits end in settlement. This may prove the best outcome for your case, but regardless, you can count on us for trial-ready representation. This approach grants us a stronger stance in negotiations. Should your case go to court, you can expect aggressive representation. We’ll advocate zealously on your behalf, all in the interest of delivering justice.

Why Work With Gwinnett County Personal Injury Attorney David B. Groff?

You deserve high-quality representation from a skilled and caring personal injury attorney. That’s exactly what you’ll receive when you work with our trusted team. We provide extensive legal assistance for injured parties. Clients appreciate our passionate approach to personal injury law. They also speak highly of our compassionate counsel; they feel comfortable in David B. Groff’s presence.

Don’t let negligence destroy your life. With our help, you can hold perpetrators accountable. Contact us today to learn more about the personal injury process and your options for achieving justice.