Moultrie Workers Comp Death Benefits

The last thing we want to think about is death. Whether it’s our own or that of someone we love. However, there are times when you have no choice. If your loved one is killed in a work-related accident, you may be entitled to Moultrie workers comp death benefits.

As scary as it may sound, on any given day, your spouse could be killed in an accident at work. Or, he may contract an occupational illness that proves fatal. It’s a terrible thing. But it’s important that you know what you’re entitled to so you aren’t taken advantage of.

In Georgia, if your family member dies from a work injury, your family is entitled to death benefits. You’re going to need to focus on taking care of your family. The last thing you want to do is handle legal issues. This is why you need to contact a Moultrie workers comp attorney.

Who is Entitled to Moultrie Workers Comp Death Benefits?

To qualify for workers comp death benefits, you have to be able to prove you were a dependent family member of the deceased. In Georgia, the following people are entitled to claim death benefits in a worker’s comp case:

  • Surviving spouse
  • Children under the age of 18 (or 22 if they are enrolled in school)
  • Children of the worker of any age if they’re not able to support themselves physically, mentally or financially

Your workers comp attorney will work hard to prove that you’re entitled to these benefits.

What are Workers Comp Death Benefits?

Now that you know that you’re entitled to Moultrie workers comp death benefits, it’s time to explain what these benefits are. Every state is a little different when it comes to death benefits. In Georgia, death benefits include the following:

  • 2/3 of the decedent’s weekly wages
  • The maximum weekly benefit is $575 per week
  • The surviving spouse receives the entire amount on behalf of his or her children
  • The maximum total amount to be paid is $230,000
  • If a surviving spouse remarries, her claim to death benefits ends

Your workers comp lawyer in Moultrie, Georgia will do what it takes to prove you’re entitled to death benefits. He’ll prove what your loved one would have earned had he survived the accident.

Once the matter of death benefits is resolved, you’ll start receiving monthly payments. It will probably take a few weeks for your benefits to kick in.

Contact a Workers Comp Lawyer in Moultrie, Georgia

If your loved one has passed away due to a work-related accident or illness, you need to call a  worker’s comp lawyer in Moultrie. Your lawyer will review your case and let you know how best to proceed. He’ll deal with the insurance company for you and make sure they process your claim. He’ll answer any questions they may have.

You can trust your workers comp attorney will help you overcome any challenges you may encounter. The initial consultation is free and you pay nothing until you receive your benefits.