Albany Workers’ Comp Denials

We never think that we’ll get hurt at work. And we certainly never think our employers will hang us out to dry. However, it happens every day. People get hurt at work, and their worker’s comp claim is denied. There are different reasons why a claim could be denied. It usually has to do with whether or not the insurance company thinks you were injured. Other times, the denial is based on procedural issues. Maybe you didn’t file the proper paperwork. Or perhaps you refused medical treatment.

Even if your claim is approved, you may wait weeks and months to receive your benefits. This is extremely frustrating. While your claim is pending, you’re unable to feed your family. This is why it’s important to call a worker’s comp attorney in Albany, Georgia.

In Georgia, you are entitled to workers compensation benefits if you suffer a work-related injury. These benefits are intended to cover your medical care and lost wages. However, if your claim is denied, you’ll receive nothing.

If your worker’s comp claim is denied you need to contact a worker’s comp lawyer. He can help you file an appeal.

Why Did the Insurance Company Deny Your Claim?

There are lots of reasons why the Insurance company may deny your claim. Some are easy to fix. Some of the technical reasons your claim may be denied include:

  • Your employer’s attendance records are incorrect or incomplete
  • You didn’t complete your paperwork properly
  • You forgot to include medical documentation or other information related to your claim

Your worker’s comp attorney may be able to communicate with the insurance company to correct these issues. If he does, you can expect to receive your benefits in a couple of weeks.

Unlike the ones with technical issues, most claims are denied for more serious reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • The insurance company believes you got hurt on purpose
  • You may have an underlying issue or pre-existing condition
  • The insurance company won’t believe that you were hurt at all
  • They believe your injuries didn’t take place while on the job
  • You may have been behaving outside the scope of your employment
  • Perhaps they believe you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of your injury or illness

If your claim has been denied for any of these reasons, you need to call an Albany workers’ comp attorney.

Can a Workers Comp Lawyer Help?

If your worker’s comp claim is denied, you need a workers’ comp lawyer. Even if you’ve been through the worker’s comp process before, you will want an experienced professional by your side. Some workers comp claim denials are very complicated. You have no idea what information the insurance company has. They could have a video of you getting high minutes before the accident. Or perhaps they have an arsenal of witness statements saying you got hurt some other way. It may be hard to prove that this isn’t true.

An experienced workers compensation lawyer has a better chance of overcoming these challenges. They have decades of experience handling these types of cases.

Contact a Workers Comp Lawyer in Albany, Georgia Today

If your worker’s comp claim has been denied, contact an Albany workers compensation lawyer today to review your case. The initial consultation is free.  Also an experienced workers compensation lawyer can answer any questions you may have. Call an attorney today and protect your rights!