Albany Permanent Disability Benefits

Workers comp is intended to take care of someone for a few months while they recover. It’s not intended to be permanent. However, there are times when work injuries are permanent. If you get hurt and think you’re going to be permanently disabled, you should contact a worker’s comp attorney in Albany, Georgia.

You can’t stay on workers comp forever. Eventually, a decision has to be made. Either you return to work, or you’re permanently disabled. Thankfully, Georgia workers compensation law provides for something called permanent partial disability.

If you are unable to work following a work-related accident or illness, you should contact a worker’s comp lawyer in Albany, Georgia.

What is Permanent Partial Disability?

There are two types of disability benefits. One type is for people who get hurt outside of work and become temporarily or permanently disabled. The other type is for people who get hurt at work and end up disabled.

Under Georgia workers comp law, disability benefits are called permanent partial disability (PPD). In order to qualify for PPD, you must prove that a part of your body is permanently injured. This could be any body part: your back, neck or even your knees. Your worker’s comp doctor must determine that you’re permanently disabled. If he does, he’ll write a medical report to this effect. His report will indicate what body parts are permanently disabled. It’ll also indicated the percentage of disability you have.

If it’s determined that you’re permanently disabled, you’ll receive 2/3 of your weekly wages indefinitely. However, it’s in everyone’s best interest that you settle your case rather than collect weekly benefits. This will provide you with a lump sum upfront rather than weekly benefits.

If you do settle, you typically can’t go back later and say that your injuries are worse. Once that release is signed, the insurance company is off the hook. There are very few exceptions to this rule.

Should You Settle Your Workers Compensation Claim in Georgia?

There are two types of workers comp settlements in G eorgia. The first is called a liability settlement. In a liability settlement, the insurance company agrees that you are entitled to benefits. They aren’t disputing that you’re injured. They agree to pay a lump sum to settle your claim. Once you receive that lump sum, your case is closed.

The second type of settlement is called a non-liability settlement. This type of settlement is for when the insurance company won’t concede that you have a valid claim. They’re willing to settle the claim to make it go away. As with any other lump sum settlement, your case will be closed, and you can’t ask for more money later.

Keep in mind, in cases involving permanent disability, the parties may agree to a long-term structured settlement. If this happens, you’ll continue to receive money over an agreed amount of time. All parties understand that your claim may become worse down the road.

Contact a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Albany, Georgia

If you find out your worker’s comp claim is denied, you should contact a workers comp lawyer in Albany. He’ll review your case and tell you what it may be worth. The initial consultation is free. It gives you a chance to have all your questions answered. You pay nothing until you settle your case.